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Art and DT


Children are encouraged to express themselves through creative work and show how they perceive the world around them. The staff strive to provide the atmosphere and surroundings that are conducive to the production of imaginative and creative work reflecting the children’s own and other cultures.


Using a variety of materials, mediums and methods, e.g. painting, drawing, modelling, collage, the children should develop skills in three areas:


i) Physical/manipulative.

ii) Social and emotional/reflecting cultures

iii) Aesthetic/appreciation of art works.


By the time your child has completed Key Stage 1, he/she will have had frequent opportunities for investigating a wide variety of materials and of gaining knowledge and understanding of how their own work has connection with other artists.


As your child moves through the older classes, he/she will be able to deepen his/her learning about other artists and increase their skills.



 St Margaret Clitherow School believes that creative learning happens best when children are actually involved in the process. Design and Technology deals with the everyday problems of life and places an emphasis on the ways and means of solving those problems. Design and Technology is not only a subject of the National Curriculum in its own right but can also foster and draw on skills from many other areas of the curriculum eg Literacy or English, Maths, Science and Art.


The value of Design and Technology activities lie not just in the end product, but in the whole experience the children are exposed to when identifying needs, planning, making and evaluating. By involving children in the ‘whole’ process we hope to support our ethos of independent learning which can be applied across the whole school curriculum.


Our specific aims will be to:

• prepare children to meet the needs of a technologically developing society

• ensure we provide a satisfying and stimulating learning experience

• demonstrate the design process and its importance in all areas of life

• give pupils the opportunity of solving problems themselves

• stimulate originality and ability in children’s own designing and making

• develop the skills of investigation, planning, making and modifying

• develop greater spatial awareness


Design and Technology is integrated into the programme of topics followed throughout the school and is also subject based.


Design Technology is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum. The fundamental skills knowledge and concepts of the subject are set out in the ‘Programme of Study for Design and Technology’.

These are organised into strands:

• designing skills

• making skills

• knowledge and understanding


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