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We believe children’s confidence in mathematics is an important acquisition because of its application to life when we use money, understand shapes, tell the time, estimate quantities and measure. It includes both computation and the understanding of mathematical ideas.  These are then used in problem solving investigations. Mathematical understanding is applied to everyday situations. Measuring real objects and calculating real results will be part of your child's mathematical learning.  

Maths is taught in accordance with the National Numeracy Strategy, but teachers use a wide range of resources in order to develop knowledge and skills, both practical and written. The main scheme available is 100 Maths' Lessons, supplemented by a range of other materials, where appropriate eg Target Maths, SPMG, Heinemann, Testbase website as well as Mathletics and Times tables Rockstars.

Mathematical experiences include:

Early number experience, whole numbers, place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, money, decimals, fractions, percentages, algebra, recognising patterns, length, weight (mass), capacity and volume, area, time, 2D shape, 3D shape, location - including co-ordinates and direction, angle, transformations, handling data, probability.