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Modern Foreign Language


Modern Foreign Language  at St Margaret Clitherow Primary School – Statement of Intent

The core language taught at St Margaret Clitherow Primary School is Italian. Our planning is based on the Language Angels French scheme of work which covers all the components of the Programme of Study. It is the intention that all children in KS2 will access first quality teaching of French by their class teacher in order to adequately prepare them for KS3. 

We are developing a bespoke MFL curriculum, which meets the current needs of children at St Margaret Clitherow. In developing this curriculum, we have utilised components of published MFL materials including Language Angels resources.

MFL in the curriculum


  • We plan using the National Curriculum.
  • We enhance the curriculum using progression grids.
  • Subject Progression grids are used to develop long term planning.
  • Teachers use the long term planning to plan units of work and deliver individual lessons.

 Please see school's MFL documents below including: MFL intent, implication and impact statement, MFL Policy, MFL Progression Grids