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We live to love, learn, respect and follow Jesus who says, “Love one another as I have loved you”


From the early days at St Margaret Clitherow School, children are provided with the opportunities to develop their scientific skills, knowledge and attitudes. Wherever possible scientific experiences are put into a practical and relevant context.

We realise that children have the best opportunity for learning Science when they are:


• Themselves handling materials, living and non living

• Designing, making or manipulating apparatus using a variety of materials, including junk items

• Moving around freely and finding the materials they need

• Discussing their work with each other and the teacher

• Busy doing things that they find enjoyable and important

• Trying to work out for themselves what to do from step to step and not expecting to be told what to do

• Able to observe, analyse and predict outcomes

• Puzzling over a problem

• Evaluating and comparing their ideas or observations with those of others.

In order to ensure progression through a broad and balanced science curriculum, we have implemented the New Curriculum from Y1 – Y6 using the Hamilton Trust resources. This programme is topic based with scientific skills being taught and developed continually. In the Foundation Stage, science is taught within the learning goal knowledge and understanding of the world.

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