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We live to love, learn, respect and follow Jesus who says, “Love one another as I have loved you”

Helping your child

The main way in which you as parents, can support your child's learning is to ensure your child complete their designated homework. This consists of Mathletics, Spellings, Times Tables, Topic work, Numeracy Passport targets and completing any work from school.

The most important way in which you can help your child is to read with them every night and check their understanding of what they have read. For independent readers, it is vital that you spend time discussing the book and helping them with their comprehension skills.

The new National Curriculum has a big focus on reading and your support in this is essential.

Helpful documents

We want your child to enjoy reading and develop a love of books during their time at St Margaret Clitherow’s School.  We have created a recommended reading list for each year group that you can use as a guide for choosing suitable books to share with your child.

Workshops for Parents

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 04 -Teen Coping with teenagers emotions Feb 22.pdfDownload
 05 -BP_GDG Hassle Free _Shopping Feb 22.pdfDownload
 06 -BP_Teen_DG Getting Teenagers To _Cooperate Feb 22.pdfDownload
 07 -GDG_Developing Good Bedtime 10 Feb 22.pdfDownload
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Phonics' Workshop for Reception and Year 1 - 2.11.2021

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