We live to love, learn and follow Jesus who says, “Love one another as I have loved you”

Catholic Life of the School
We live to love, learn and follow Jesus who says, "Love one another as I have loved you."

At St. Margaret Clitherow Catholic School we believe and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. . We value and respect all; growing and learning together as part of God’s family, to be the best we can be. Our mission statement of “We live to Love, Learn, Respect and follow Jesus who says ‘Love One Another as I have loved you’” permeates all aspects of our school life.

The governors and staff of St. Margaret Clitherow Primary School recognise that they work to educate the children in their care in a range of ways, as the centre of this is the spiritual development of the children, particularly in the Catholic faith.

As part of the community of Catholic schools who work alongside the Catholic Church there is a clear purpose for the existence of St. Margaret Clitherow Catholic School.

It is the mission of all Catholic schools that we contribute to the ‘common good’ of our community and society as a whole in response to the Church’s teaching on social justice.

When pupils join our school they become part of this community. Every day starts with an Act of Worship, we give thanks before lunch and we end the day with a prayer. We believe that Christ is at the centre of all we do and therefore we offer each child a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum of the highest standard to meet their spiritual, emotional, moral, intellectual and physical needs and to prepare them for the responsibilities of adult life.

The programme of Religious Education we follow is in line with the Catholic Directory as specified by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Religious Education is taught to all children in the school for a minimum of 10% of curriculum time, not including worship.  It is considered central to the whole school curriculum. We follow key teachings from Catholic traditions that are taken from the RECD (Religious Education Curriculum Directory). Through this directory, the children are taught the basics of Catholic faith and morality, with constant reference to their own life experience.

We have excellent links with our parish church, English Martyrs, and under normal circumstances, the parish priest, Fr Albert Ofere, is a regular visitor to school. The school attends mass at English Martyrs on special occasions and a class attends mass on a Friday on a regular basis.  The parish priest also celebrates mass and Liturgies  at the school throughout the year including the special Tie-ing in Assembly where our Reception children are officially welcomed to the school.


Currently, we have had to adapt our provision in light of Covid 19 and so we use the following resources for in class and bubble worship-

  • Once per week bible focused session - a collective worship based on the Old Testament in line with the theme of “The God Who Speaks – The Year of the Word”
  • Once per week Gospel themed collective worship – either prepared by the RE coordinator or from the below site:

Mark 10 Mission

For worship based on the weekly Gospel click here

For resources on saints which link with the liturgical year click here

  • Daily retreat at least once per week


  • One Meditation session per week from The Catholic Children’s Society


  • Other child-led worship or Liturgy sessions in line with the liturgical year.

 This enables children both at school and at home to participate in structured daily Collective Worship.

 In addition, the links for live streaming of mass are shared with our families.

This Month – March


The word Lent comes from an old English word that means ‘lengthen’ and refers to the turning of Winter into Spring when the days lengthen and the cycle of life is renewed once more. There is more sunlight, birdsong is more noticeable, spring bulbs are in bloom and trees are beginning to show signs of coming to life. These signs of new life are echoed in the season of Lent through which the Church bids us to reawaken and refocus on tending to the Lord who calls us ‘come back to me, with all your heart’. The journey of Lent is a journey towards the new way of living that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, promised to us through the power of our most celebrated season – Easter. We tend to celebrate Christmas as if it’s the most important time in the Church’s year, but the Resurrection of Jesus is the most important event for Christians. When Christians say that their hope is in the risen Jesus, they mean it is their greatest hope. When Jesus rose on the first Easter morning, it was a brand new kind of life. He promises this same life to all who hope in him. No wonder that Easter is the greatest feast!

Special intentions for our prayers from the Church’s prayer cycle for Lent: Candidates for the sacraments; the needy and the hungry of the world; Women; Penitents and Wanderer.

Please click on the links below for websites relevant to our Catholic community.

English Martyrs https://parish.rcdow.org.uk/wembleypark/ 

Wednesday Word http://www.wednesdayword.org

Diocese of Westminster http://rcdow.org.uk

The Holy See. http://w2.vatican.va/content/vatican/en.html

Catholic Herald http://www.catholicherald.co.uk