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We live to love, learn, respect and follow Jesus who says, “Love one another as I have loved you”


Personal Social Health Education

We recognise, as does the Church, that it is the primary duty of parents to educate their children in these matters.


The School considers itself to be a Health Promoting School.  We aim to include drug education as part of this Programme.  We recognise the wide range of influences on young people’s health. We will provide opportunities for our children to develop skills and attitudes needed to make healthy choices about their lives within the context of the Church’s teaching on these matters. Through Health Education, we can cover such topics as personal hygiene, food and nutrition, substance misuse, health related exercise and family life education.


We hope to give the children an understanding of:

Physical development and change;
Relationships and emotional development;
Cultural, myths, religious values and attitudes;
Keeping healthy.
Self worth and self-esteem.


Our health/drug education may additionally involve other activities, eg visiting speakers.  We currently have in place working policies for drugs and sex and relationships education.  


All children in the infants receive free fruit each day through the DfES free fruit scheme. We offer and run a daily Breakfast Club and all children in the foundation stage have access to a breakfast bar throughout the morning. The Key Stage 2 children can bring a healthy snack (fruit or vegetable) from home which they can eat during their morning break.


The children are also encouraged to bring in bottles of water which they may drink throughout the day. The junior classes have also got water fountains in the classrooms. Our school is committed to ongoing improvement on our school meals.


We were involved in a healthy lunchbox project and the resource produced by our school was published and distributed to other schools in the borough.